It's Alright!
Tom Müller - Sax; Roland Stonek - Gitarre; Peter Strutzenberger - Bass;
Bernd T Rommel - Schlagzeug; Ewald Gaulhofer - Congas

    01. Boogaloo Blues
    02. Swamp Patrol  
    03. A Place Called Cima  
    04. Dark Glasses  
    05. Superman
    06. Who's First?  
    07. Veil Of Life  
    08. Cloud No9  
    09. Get Me Some Soul  
    10. Swanee River  
    11. Let It Show
    12. It's Alright











CD Styx 1054
Produced and Mixed by Tom Müller; Recorded November 2nd + 3rd 2011 at Studio 14, Vienna;
Mastered by Andreas Wingert at KOKA Studio, Vienna,
Cover Art by Tom Müller; Cover Photos by Peter Berger,;
Live Photos by by Michel Nahabedian and Ossifant,