It's Alright!
Tom Müller, vocals, all saxes, congs; Dave Ruosch, piano; Daniel Gugolz, bass;
Peter Müller, drumx; Hardy Kamm, guitar on 8

    01. The Cats Walk
    02. Rock The Boat
    03. Poor Me  
    04. Blow That Saxophone
    05. Sit Back, Relax And Listen  
    06. That Saxy Feeling
    07. She's Red Hot  
    08. When Shit Hits The Fan  
    09. She's Such A Tease  
    10. Shake it Real Good  
    11. Baby Godzilla
    12. Dark Sunglasses  
    13. T-Rex  
    14. The Walkin Blues  
    15. Rock The Boat  











CD Styx 1101

Recorded 2018, 2019, Styx Studio, Vienna by Peter Müller
Produced and mixed by Tom Müller
Mastered by Andreas Wingert at KOKA Studio, Vienna,
Photos by Georg Buxhofer (front), Kai Strauss (middle), Graphics by Tom Müller